Arts And Creativity

We believe in the expression of creative arts. Creativity has the capacity to be prophetic because it carries the very nature of God, the creator of all things. We encourage and facilitate the expression of creativity in our services and also facilitate teaching through workshops, seminars, and mentoring. Some of these areas are:

PAINTING: Prophetic Art speaks to people's hearts by unlocking and opening a door to bring comfort to our souls, and touches the innermost part of our being so we can respond to the Lord. It’s a visual opportunity to receive truth and hope that awakens us to Christ's love. In our services we accommodate our artists with easels to paint during worship. Painting is also a great tool to help people get rid of stress and connect with God.

DANCE: We believe in dancing before the Lord and also in choreographic dance as a means to bring glory to the Lord.

WRITING: This area is very broad as it covers song writing, poetry, creative writing, book writing, teachings, etc.

FLAGS AND BANNERS: We believe in different expression of worship for young and old. One of them is using flags and banners during worship. Psalm 20:5 encourages us to do so, “May we shout for joy over your victory and lift up our banners in the name of our God”.

MUSIC: We believe worship is the most important thing we do and want this to be a place for musicians and worshippers to arise. We encourage song writing and like to incorporate it in our worship services. We also train and equip musicians and also people to run sound and understand the technical side of music.