Worship Ministry

Worship ministry is at the heart of Forest City Destiny Church.  This ministry is not just about music; first, it is about learning to minister as individuals and a community to the heart of the Father and glorify Jesus with lifestyles, heart and character pleasing to Him.  In our meetings, we don't just sing songs, but emphasize that it is our corporate response to the Revelation chapter 4 invitation to "come up here", that pleases God, opens the way for Holy Spirit to move freely, and will cause heaven to manifest in our midst.

Second, the role of the FCDC worship ministry is to raise up, train and release worshipers into their individual and corporate destinies, as highly skilled creative artists, mature leaders, and accurate prophetic voices to the church and the world.  Our worship teams are taught to function as facilitators for both the congregational offering to the Lord in worship, and the prophetic flow from heaven to earth.  We place high value on excellence in all things for our team members, raising people up as passionate visionaries, skilled musicians who can bring dividends to the Lord, and as sons and daughters set free from personal ambition to carry both a strong prophetic flow and a pastoral heart of service.

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